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3D printing made easy
Ultimaker 2+ Connect is a fine line single extruder 3D Printer now officially available in Pakistan at Grit 3D stores.
It is your starting Point to build the next level of connectivity and wireless 3D Printing. Comes with an enclosed Glass door which enhances Print Quality of many Printing Materials Ultimaker 2+ connect can be connected to the Ultimaker Air Manager which filter upto 95% of ultrafine particles
Why buy Ultimaker 2+ Connect
Ultimaker 2+ Connect is a workhorse that you can easily rely on predictability and fine quality 3D Prints. Ultimaker 2+ has a legacy of printing over 6 million parts since 2015. Which make it unbeatable in the market
  • Build Volume = 223 x 220 x 205mm
  • User Friendly Interface= 2.4 inches color touchscreen
  • Very Easy Maintenance with swappable Nozzles
  • Connect with the Air Manger(sold separately) to keep the Environment Safe

Network connectivity

Printer specially designed to operate from remote area over wi-fi or
ethernet. Enhanced networking option and cloud 3D Printing allows
remote file transfer, so now you can build up a 3D Printing farm and
operate from your smart devices on the move


Come with an intuitive touch screen removing the dial option from Ultimaker predecessor.
Simplified User Experience

Technical specification of Ultimaker 2+ Connect

Ultimaker 2+ Connect can print in a variety of material
Ultimaker PLA
Ultimate Strength Stiffness Printability
Eco Friendly Surface Finish
Ultimaker Tough PLA
Impact Strength Hardness Toughness
Ultimaker ABS
Ultimate Strength Hardness
Impact Strength Heat Resistance
Ultimaker NYLON
Ultimate Strength Flexible Durability
Heat Resistance Impact Resistance
Fatigue Resistance
Ultimaker CPE
Hardness Ultimate Strength
Impact Strength
Ultimaker CPE+
Hardness Ultimate Strength
Impact Strength Heat Resistance
Ultimaker PC
Ultimate Strength Durability
Impact Strength Heat Resistance
Fatigue Resistance
Ultimaker PP
Durability Flexible Soft
Water Resistance Heat Resistance
Ultimaker TPU 95A+
Wear and tear Resistance
Impact Strength Hardness
Durability   Chemical Resistance
Ultimaker PVA
Ultimate Strength Flexible
Impact Strength Dissolvable
Fatigue Resistance
Support Material Dissolvable

Ultimaker & Grit 3D ecosystem


The world’s most popular user-friendly slicer software for your 3D PrintersWill get you ready within minutes with a pre-installed setting. You can integrate with CAD software for easier workflow.


Where ever you are: Our Support will reach You Grit 3D has a variety of online and hand on training modules which includes hardware 3D Printers, Software Training Including Cura, and CAD integration. Our training modules are both in English and Urdu to reach out to the local Pakistani Audience


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