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Majority of people who work in agriculture fields lose their hands from the Wrist. Lack of training to use chaff cutter (toka), thresher machine, causes them with deadly consequences. Many people lives have been destroyed by it and now they are dependent on others for the rest of their life. It is very difficult for the amputees to grab, pick and place things from one place to another. They cannot carry or hold tools with their hands. They are in need of prosthesis which enables them and helps them to make their life easy so they can work again.

Grit 3d makes and provides them with functional wrist hand prosthesis devices to serve their needs. After which they are able to do their daily life tasks.

Grit 3D uses emerging 3d printing technology to make customized functional prosthesis for every patient. 3d printed prosthesis allows them to pick and place things. People who have partial wrist movement can use these prosthesis. Wrist actuated hand makes use of partial wrist movement, using tensioning system allows all the fingers to move simultaneously. Enabling them to hold water bottles, glasses, plates, mugs, etc so they can do their daily life work easily.

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