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People working in cottage industries and factories in developing countries are highly at risk. Lack of trainings to use molding machine, hydraulic press, etc puts their life in great danger. Many people have lost their arms and hands from below the elbow and have become disabled for rest of their life. These Transradial amputees are now unable to do most of their daily routine work, to plough fields, sow seeds, cut grass and lift barrels of water to work again in the fields. They neither can pick up plates, glasses, hold bags, etc nor able to do work to earn living, their life has become miserable. Grit 3D offer prosthesis solution for the below elbow amputee which enables them to work again.
Grit 3D uses state of art 3d printing technology to make customized functional prosthesis for each patient. These3d printed prosthesis allows them to hold and grab multiple things. People who have functional elbow movement can use these prosthesis.
Enabling people to hold and grab water bottles, glasses, plates, mugs, etc enabling them to do their daily life work. Grit 3d devices makes their life easy by adding support to their body so they can again be a part of the society.

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