Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

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Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

Introducing Uninterrupted Industrial Class Production

Transforming 3D Printing Work Flow   

Automated Filament Handling   

Efficient Air Filtering   

Filament Humidity Control   

What’s Included in Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker S5 is an awesome dual-extrusion 3D printer with a number of outstanding features.
Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle boosts productivity, flexibility, and confidence to unlock demanding applications with an extended range of materials.

Material Station

Quick and Easy Loading
Limitless Configuration
Seamless 3D Printing
User friendly Monitoring

Air manager

EPA Filter
Smart Monitoring
Improved Safety
Controlled Extraction
Humidity Control

Ultimaker Material Station

3D print without supervision

Designed and tested to be left unattended, the Ultimaker S5 Material Station allows the Ultimaker S5 to print longer – day or night. Sensors detect when a spool runs out and automatically switches to the next available spool that matches the correct print job material compatibility.

  1. Load Upto 6 Material One Time
  2. Automatic Material switching.
  3. Humidity-controlled material storage. Reliable humidity-controlled storage chamber maintains the loaded spools in optimum conditions
Material Station Grit

Ultimaker Air Manager

Ensure the safest Working Environment with the UM Air Manager

Installed EPA removes Upto 95% of Ultra fine particles

Air Manager creates an effective physical barrier that stops anyone from touching hot or moving parts. This increases office safety, while also reducing the risk of print interruptions.

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Ultimaker & Grit 3D ecosystem


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