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Modular prosthesis devices are special artificial hand or devices which enables a person to do a specific task. It enables a person to perform single specific task without which a person’s survival is difficult. These prosthesis devices are specially made for each person according to their desired needs.
We make special hands that can do following tasks easily:
  • Writing
  • Riding Bicycle, Rickshaw
  • Lift up Water Buckets
  • Lift up Heavy Loads


Grit 3d team analyzed that there are many patients who are in dire need to read and write. But there is no hand that could provide such functionality to them. Grit 3d designers after intense research and testing has developed a hand which is able to hold a Pen/ Pencil.
Amputees who want to write with their own hand can use our prosthetic device. An Amputee just need to slide the Pen/Pencil in the attachment with the hand and lock it. Now, he/she can write with his/her hand easily without any problem.


One of the common problem we analyzed from the amputees was that they want to ride Motorcycle. They were finding very difficult to ride motorcycle and rickshaws as it was their main source of income.
Grit 3d provides such amputees in need with specific motorcycle and rickshaw riding devices. It enables them to use the vehicles and earn them a sustainable living for their family. Enabling them for their better future.

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