DESIGN is not just what it LOOKS like and feels like.

DESIGN is how it WORKS.

Do Good Work for Good People

Design is more important than technology in most consumer application.

3D Product Designing

Grit 3D is a market leader in the field of 3D Product Designing. We Provide CAD/CAM Design and Manufacturing Services.

Major Industries Players from Pakistan, USA, Canada, and other countries relies on Grit 3D due to their unmatched services in the field of Design and Manufacturing.

Softwares we use

Solid Works

Predict the behavior and Performance of the Product using our simulation tools before they get manufactured.

Avoid Manufacturing Defect during the early stage of Design.


It is powerful software that enables you to design and shape the creative world around you. Design Detailed Architectural 3D House Models.


Grit 3D has a highly professional team of Engineers and 3D Designers that helps you digitally fabricate your product in 3D in CAD software’s like solid works and AutoCAD so that you can visualize it before they are actually built.


Design Engineer Three C.

Three C you should check before you hire a 3D Designer. Getting in the DIY spirit and want to hire a designer to bring your project to life?


Our Services


With Simulation of your CAD designs you can virtually analyze the motion of your models and determine the key areas where design improvements are required. Detection of Collision of movable parts are now easy to be determined.

Strength of the parts in motion can easily be fixed before going into production.



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