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Glue Stick High Quality Strong Adhesion Transparent 21g 3d Printer


1. 3D printer hot bed glue, adhesive can not be used repeatedly many times. 2. Solid form, good viscosity, high density, hard to penetrate 3. After printing, the model is easy to remove and the bottom is smooth. The environment is non-toxic and can be washed. With hot bed special stickers better. 4. Apply smooth, fast dry after paste, water-soluble formula, dry and wash with water. Size:90*20mm

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Excellent adhesion: Ultrabase covered by microporous coating, shows strong adhesion in printing. Easy to take off models by hand or with a little help from the scrapper for very large model Ultrabase integrated with heated bed: Super Flatness, Fast and uniform heating Durable: The special coating is inorganic and has a hardness of 8 Mohs, and it is capable to work at 400ºC. Easy to clean: Ultrabase is easy to clean by alcohol/water.
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