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Eryone Silk PLA, Ultra Silk Bronze 1.75 mm


Silk PLA material is the most easy-to-use material when it comes to FDM printing. It is highly reliable and gives great dimensional accuracy and premium surface finish. Silk PLA is a versatile material and available in many colours, best suited for visual prototyping.

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Eryone is a uniquely reputable company for its silk and ultra silk filament products. The company was founded in 2018 in Shenzhen, China. Eryone has strong scientific research ability, cooperating well with so many universities, (such as HUST, WHUT, Shenzhen University, Guizhou University, and so on. Grit 3D offers a variety of Eryone 3D Printer Filaments in different colors and materials choice. Complete range of products are available for delivery all across Pakistan. Products get shipped the same day if ordered before 5pm PST.
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