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Hands are those organs in our body that are used the most by us voluntarily in our daily life. Though we take it for granted unless some incident hit us hard and shake us from the inside

This is what happened with Wazeera, a young girl from Punjab Pakistan, while she was preparing fodder for animal her right hand accidently came in the chaff cutter machine. In panic she tried to rescue her hand with the left hand but to add misery both her hands came in the chaff cutter machine. She shouted for help and her mother was quick enough to turn off the machine switch. In the nick of time the machine grinded her hands,  and both her hands were amputated by the sharp blades of the machine.

Wazeera belongs from a poor family and could not afford the super expensive bionic hand that starts from USD15000. They came to know that Grit 3D provides free of cost Prosthetics to upper limb amputees and one of her acquaintance in Karachi was kind enough to bring her all the way from Punjab to Karachi.

Grit 3D is an innovative Product Design and Development company that works with enablingthefuture.org in providing prosthetics to amputees.

The case of Wazeera was not a standard one we regularly encounter.

We have to consider the fact that both of her hands were amputated and she wanted to make sure she would be able to take care of her baby and do household work independently.

My husband is very supportive, she feeds me and take care of Adil (her 8 month old son)
When he is out for work, I cannot eat anything but have to wait for him to come back.” Wazeera explains.

“I want to eat with my own hands, cook food, feed my baby, change his diapers and do household work”

Grit 3D team decided to make two different prosthetics for her based on her amputation level and how it would help her.

Regular phoenix hand was Re-designed for her left hand with a spoon/fork holder attachment that enabled her to eat independently with the help of a spoon.

However, the new Gripper Palm Remixed version was 3D Printed for her right hand, which enabled her to hold things while maintaining the aesthetics close to normal hand.
Gripper remixed is a new version introduced by the Grit 3D team and now available for makers and volunteers of the enable community to 3D Print and enable the amputees.

Extensive rehabilitation was provided to Wazeera by the Grit3D team in Karachi.
She was adapting quickly and was eager to use prosthetics, which would help her in her daily life.

During the Rehab process we ensured that her husband was also part of the process and he was very supportive towards her wife.

He ensured that she would be able to now eat independently with the help of spoon/fork. Plus the gripper remixed version would also enable her to feed her baby Adil.
It was a true sign of relive for both of them.

All these quick iterations and innovation is only made possible due to two main factors
1. Collaboration
2. 3D Printing

3D Printing helps us quickly iterate & validate our ideas and check them on recipients. All this would have taken a lot of time and money had there not been the access to 3D Printing and a strong team and network of enable which help us synergize.

Grit 3D is committed in helping the disable people and amputees around the globe and keep introducing more functional and aesthetically pleasing prosthetics for the world to 3D Print.

by Rabi Imran

Author Info: Rabi is an active 3D Printing Evangelist in Pakistan, with the main focus on transforming SMEs,s and Corporate to transition towards Additive Manufacturing, embracing innovative solutions for emerging problems.


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