3D Printing Material Settings

Selecting Materials For Your FDM 3D Printer Learn about choosing the right material for 3D printing your parts. We will guide you about the most commonly used filaments and their applications. Along with the applications, optimum printing settings and conditions are also included which will make sure that you achieve best printing results every time […]

Maintaining Your 3D Printer

3D Printer Maintenance If you are looking for a guide to maintaining your FDM 3D Printers. You are at the right place.A well maintained 3D Printer is like a well maintained Car and vice versa. You can rely on it for consistency, reliability and it won’t upset you in crucial moments of your life. If […]

Preparing Your 3D Printing Files on Ultimaker Cura

Preparing Your 3D Printing Files on Ultimaker Cura https://youtu.be/yZrNOYafELQ MASTER CLASS ULTIMAKER CURA Learn how to slice your 3D Printing STL file on the ultimaker Cura. In this detailed tutorial Mr Asad Jabbar the 3D Printing Expert cover all you need to know and getting started from installation of software to file upload on the […]

Getting Started To Know Your 3D Printer

FDM Printing Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is a 3D printing technology that prints objects using thermoplastic filament. Filament is basically a cord of material capable of being melted, selectively deposited, and cooled to form a 3D printed object. Layers are added on top of each other, building up the whole 3D printed object.Through FDM, rapid […]

5 Best 3D Printers You Can Buy In Pakistan

5 BEST 3D PRINTERS YOU CAN BUY IN PAKISTAN Are you looking to buy the best 3D Printers in Pakistan? Which printer suits my budget? Which 3D Printer should I start with? These are some of the frequently asked questions people ask us when they call us before they make the purchase This guide list down […]

How 3D Printing Enabled Wazeera To Eat, Drink And Feed Again

HOW 3D PRINTING ENABLED WAZEERA TO EAT, DRINK AND FEED AGAIN Hands are those organs in our body that are used the most by us voluntarily in our daily life. Though we take it for granted unless some incident hit us hard and shake us from the inside This is what happened with Wazeera, a […]

Selecting The Right Filament For Your 3D Printing Application

Medical ARTIFICIAL PROSTHETIC HANDS PRE – SURGICAL PLANNING ARTICLES Wrist Disarticulation Below Elbow Amputation Above Elbow Amputation Modular Support Liver Transplant Congenital Heart Diseases Maxillofacial Blogs Causes of Amputation 3D Printing-Health Prosthetic Changing Life in Pakistan Services PRODUCT DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT PROTOTYPING ARTICLES Reverse Engineering & 3D Scaning 3D CAD Designing 3D Modelling & Rendering […]


COME WORK WITH US Accountant Digital Marketing Strategist CAD Design Engineer Accountant Accountant Cum Admin Officer  Grit 3D is looking to hire a 3D CAD Design Engineer for it operational work who will be actively working around 3D Designs and 3D Printers JOB DESCRIPTION: Be able to effectively understand customer requirements for Product Design. (understand […]

Guideline To Storing Your 3D Printing Filaments

GUIDELINES FOR FILAMENT STORAGE. HOW TO STORE 3D PRINTING FILAMENTS? 3D PRINTER FILAMENT STORAGE Commonly used 3D printing filaments such as PLA, ABS, PET-G, etc require dedicated storage considerations for high-quality printing results. Being a pioneer in the 3D printing industry in Pakistan, Grit 3D feels proud to share the knowledge gathered through years of […]

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