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Creality White ABS+ 1.75 mm


ABS+ is very similar to commonly used ABS in terms of its durability and stress-bearing capabilities however, it possesses relatively higher resistance toward warping that happens due to material shrinkage. For larger parts and tight tolerances, ABS+ can be a good choice. Due to additives, its solubility in Acetone is less than ABS.

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Creality, is a market leader in the field of 3D Printers and its Material. Consisting of professional researchers and skilled engineers, our R&D team constantly strives for creative function and excellent user experience. Grit 3D is the authorized distributor of Creality in Pakistan andoffers a variety of Creality 3D Printing Filaments in different colors and materials choice. Complete range of products are available for delivery all across Pakistan. Products get shipped the same day if ordered before 5pm PST.
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