Warranty & Service Policy


The warranty policy only applies to 3D Printer products you purchased from Grit 3D Official Website or Grit 3D Direct Store on sites such as Amazon. Grit 3D acts as a conduit with manufacturers’ products hence warranties are claimed to manufacturers for any issues in products.

What’s Covered in the Warranty

From the date the product is sold and delivered to an end customer for the first time, as evidenced by the original customer’s purchase invoice, the product is free from defects in material, design, and workmanship under normal use during a limited warranty period. The warranty period for different products and parts varies, please check the Warranty Period.

How to Obtain a Warranty 

If product malfunctions during the limited warranty period, you may contact and obtain after-sales support & service by emailing contact@grit3d.com

Email us with your Order ID and Pictures or Video of the issue, and let us know what we can do to help you.

How will Grit 3D help you?

Grit 3D will attempt to diagnose and resolve your problem by email or Video Call.

If your problem cannot be resolved over the e-mail, we will arrange for an accessory replacement if the problem falls under this Limited Warranty.

For quality-related warranty claims, items will be replaced with a factory refurbished model of equal value when available, otherwise, a new item will be sent. Warranties on all replacements follow the same warranty period of the original defective item.

Use of personal contact information

By obtaining after-sales service under this policy, you authorize Grit 3D to store your contact information, including name, phone number, shipping address, and email address. We will protect the security of your information.

What to Do Before Obtaining After-Sales Service

  • Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase
  • Grit 3D must document what happens when buyers troubleshoot the product
  • The defective item’s serial number and/or visible proof depicting the defect are required
  • It may be necessary to return an item for quality inspection

Valid proof of purchase:

  • Order number from online purchases made through Grit 3D Official store
  • Original Scanned Invoice from Grit 3D

warranty period: