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iFun 311c Castable Resin-1kg


IF311c is a high-precision resin developed specifically for LCD with 405nm 3D printers. It is specifically developed for jewelry designing and casting. Low shrinkage, high precision printed models, high surface finish, and good details. Low odor, non-irritating, can be directly cast 100% casting, zero ash . Grit 3D provides wide variety of Resin with shipping all across Pakistan.

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High printing accuracy and casting accuracy, as the original size of the model, reduce the unnecessary material loss of the casting; Less casting ash residue (less than 0.1%), high casting surface quality, no sand holes and other defects, and simple post-treatment process for casting; The highest casting temperature only takes 730 degrees Celsius, which is beneficial to improve the service life of muffle furnace and reduce energy consumption; Low resin density, printing the same model, 20-30% less resin than other casting resin on the market, saving the cost of resin;


Compatible with all LCD 3D Printers with 355nm-410nm light source similar to Sonic Mini 4k, Sonic Mighty 4k, Elegoo Mars 2 pro, Anycubic Photon Mono, etc
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