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24v 50w Cartridge Heater High Temperature Ceramic Heater Improved New For 3d Printer


1.From the original ordinary 0.3-line high-temperature line to 0.5-line thick white high-temperature line, can bear higher temperature, and looks more beautiful. 2. From the original 40W power to 50W, therefore, the maximum temperature increases from 300 to 340-350 or so. 3. The new version heater used in all imported skills, the use of 304 stainless steel, with the internal use of 2080 nickel chrome wire to achieve maximum service life. 4. Support the customization of different specifications, length, resistance of the heater. 5. Can be used with the new HT-NTC100K temperature thermistor (Temperature measurement can be up to 350 degrees).

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