Can be used for:

  • Models
  • Low-wear
  • Toys
  • Containers
  • Prototype parts

You should not use PLA for items that need to be heat resistant and impact resistant such as mechanical parts.

Strength and Durability

Strong enough to be used for small parts. Very brittle and may begin to break down as it is biodegradable. Not resistant to impact as well.


Come in a wide variety of colors

Environment friendly

PLA is Environmentally Friendly and biodegradable


PLA is environmentally Friendly and biodegradable

Temperature resistance

PLA is sensitive to high temperatures


Can be sanded and painted. However it cannot be glued and treated with acetone.

Hardware Requirement

Strength of this material is much higher than that of PLA and it is both impact and heat resistant. (Much more flexible than ABS and PLA)


Temperature: 95-110 °C
Heated Bed Required
Enclosure Recommended

Build surface

Kapton tape
ABS Slurry


Temperature: 220-250 °C
No special hot-end required


Part Cooling Fan Not Required